Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1-19-15 Priorities

SOOO this week has been pack full of preaching. We just got in that proselyting mood I guess. We hit a high of 11 lessons in one day. It was awesome!
My companion is named Elder Brown. He's from Texas, he is finishing his mission soon and has been a zone leader for almost a year. My ex companion took over Branch Otoro and I still have lots of contact with him to help him out. He gets so stressed and it makes me wonder if I was like that before.

I'm really trying to work on love and humility this week. I feel like sometimes I'm thinking way more of myself than I should be and it's reflecting in my work. I need to chill out, and like focus on just loving everyone. That's what Christ did. I'm pretty sure that's how he managed to be humble. I mean he kinda did some crazy stuff like walk on water or bring back the dead. Not to mention save the human race.... Just was thinking about that because some people say "don't be prideful unless you can back it up.." And really I think that is a mistaken perspective.

We have two great families who are so excited to get baptized and I'm so happy to see them. They were so ready, God has prepared them so much. I hope we can help them gain a testimony.

the font
This week something cool that happened is we helped activate 3 men who received the Aaronic priesthood and are super boss. Also, ran into a guy from Minnesota who travels for a month every year. He's been all over the place but even like that.... He doesn't feel satisfied. He's been all over the world, has seen so many things... but he doesn't have a family and he doesn't have the gospel in his life..... I realized through our conversation that my priorities have changed... I'm not who I used to be. And it scares me. Idk if I'm better or worse, but I know that I've changed. We'll just have to wait and see. I'll be asking God what he thinks of me right now so I can get some help to be more like him. :) 

I love you all 

Paz y amor
Elder Johnson

Monday, January 5, 2015

01-06-15 On the move

Welp happy new year... it´s 2015.... that is super wierdismo. I´m going to turn 20 years old this year.... geez I feel ancient. Where or where did the time go?

This week is the changes.. or transfers as they say in other parts. I am no longer going to be in Otoro which is a huge bumber because we finally got 9 of our investigators to come to church. And the District started to be the Bomb, we have 15 people scheduled to be baptized this month... and I get called to leave. The good thing is that I already know where I´m going. Just an hour more away from the capital to a place called La Esperanza..... That means I will be a Zone leader of the same zone that I am in right now so... kinda weird. haha at this rate I will have half my mission in Zone Esperanza. haha pretty neat. Also something funny, I will be staying in my same district as before, but instead of being the District Leader I´ll be the Zone Leader. Also I will no longer be the branch president of Otoro, they´re sending me to Esperanza because the Branch president is super depressed, so president told him he´d be sending me to  help him out. I´m not sure how much of a comfort that was for The Branch president but I guess we´ll see tomorrow. 

Basically I feel like, once again I'm leaving home. I know this little village and almost everyone in it sooo well.... haha it's gonna be crazy to leave after 8 months in one spot.

Other than that, not much big news. We got up at three to take some of our youth to SOY (They didn't let me drive the buggers) and honestly it was kinda super stressful to see you´re youth leave and worry about them. I can't imagine having kids, that´s gonna be terrible and I guess partly wonderful as well.

Also I just want to give some advice to those who are going out to the mission. It´s a simple piece of advice, and it applies to life as well. Whatever you do, or whatever happens, ENJOY IT. If we are being obedient and doing our part you can be sure that whatever happens is for our happiness. Whether it is a happiness right now or a happiness only in that "maƱana" depends solely on our attitude. So I guess the other part of that advice would just be like the scripture Trust in the Lord in all of your doings. (I believe that is the translation, don´t judge) The More Trust we have in God the More Faith we develop, the more miracles we see, and the better we become.

Love you guys happy 2015

Enjoy it. :)
paz y amor
Elder Johnson