Monday, May 18, 2015

5-18-15 I'm not in a Pueblo anymore

Well this week flew by. Yes, I had changes. I am now in the city really close to the airport, as well as the temple. It´s really weird to hear so much noise like all the time. The other night I couldn't{t sleep at like 3 in the morning. I got up and we have a deck in our apartment outside, we live on top of a restaurant, so I went out to go look at the stars and from so much light pollution I couldn't see the stars, and there were people outside and cars honking already, and I watched an airplane land instead. I think that´s when it really hit me that I am not in a peublo anymore.
My new apartment

 My new area is like 4 neighborhoods, called los laureles, my new companion is Elder Huanca from la paz Bolivia, he has 20 months in the mission, and is excited to go home. I´m in a WARD. Yeah, and like a functional ward. It´s super weird. With like a bishop and high priest and they don´t like depend on us, so that's something I´m not used to. haha
We have great investigators, two of them are teaching really interesting dialects from different Honduran indian tribes and cultures. One is called Misquito and the other is called Garifona. Which is pretty legit, I hope to be able to communicate before I leave. I sure won't be fluent but shoot, it sure is interesting.
Right now we have one baptism this weekend and 3 for next week and from there we only have 4 right now for June, we are working to find a family before I leave.

I feel rather limited in freedom. Before I was like doing my own thing how I wanted and I feel like the Lord partly sent me to the city to learn how to work with others and more than anything to humble me. haha Ironic right, but wellll God s perfect. I´m really excited for this weekends baptism. Also on Wednesday we´re going to the temple so... thats cool too. haha
I don't really know what else to say so with that I´ll be closing
Elder Johnson
Paz y amor

5-11-15 Musho Esfuerzo

Well I have transfers, I'm leaving my beloved Epseranza Zone. I've been here for over a year and I feel like I know it really well. I've given it a lot of effort and dedicated many hours of walking, sweating, praying, and thinking. A few tears have been shed, I have repented several times, and learned a great amount of lessons. The people here are so great, I can honestly without reserve say that I love them, even the poor drunk guys on the street that always seem to know English. From the hot to the cold, the dry to the extremely wet, I am so so grateful that God saw it fit to send me here and learn a thing or two.

Well now I'm going to a new area with a new companion, I'm gonna miss Elder Luquez, the monkey who punched me in  the nose and who I admire very much for his humility. I hope I may be like him in that way.

Really this week it was great to talk to the mother for mother's day, and well, I love those guys.

This week I was in our areas technically  3 days, Monday, Tuesday and Sunday. On Tuesday we had some baptisms and then I left Wednesday to do interchanges and just went from town to town after that. Elder Luquez doesn't like to travel a lot so I always seem to do the interchanges that are far away. hahaha funny kid.

We also had a conference with president with just  zones. He talked about Faith. He shared the scripture Alma :10 and talked about the musho esfuerzo... I think it's like much striving...??? idk but it was really good. I love President Fortuna, I think I would like to get to know him better but idk how or when but I really admire him. 

All in all, this week was really good, really busy, and really motivating. I want to give the Lord my all. I hope to be better each day.

amor y paz
Elder Johnson

Monday, May 11, 2015

5-4-15 We are like the wind...

Welcome May. I feel like this month came like a punch in the face. All of the sudden. haha

My favorite tacos in the world! Cow's Tongue.
This week passed by really fast. Changes are coming on the 12 of April and it's pretty probable that I'm going to be leaving the Esperanza.
The Zone
Other than that we have a baptism of two chavalos (guys) tomorrow at 2 and then we have a family that's programmed for the 24 so, really we've had quite a bit of success here in the Esperanza. Well at least in baptisms. It's really interesting what role we play in the mission. We come and we go, really thinking in the worldly sense it doesn't really make sense to send workers to the same places but always rotating. Because if they always stayed in one place they would have more relation and more trust in that place and thinking logically, doesn't that mean that they would be able to make a larger impact?? welll no. We act like the wind or the storms that come and go. Sometimes we bring a lot of dust and make a large impact on one place and other times we simply change little things that allow the missionaries that follow us to make that difference. I used to think that it depended on one type of missionary. But really I realize that if an area is having success it is thanks to the 4 or 5 missionaries who were there before. I always used to think, I want to be that difference maker, I want to be the impact." But now I know that really it's not us. It's something  that I knew in word but I didn't understand in deeds. 

Well enough of that, this week we made another house, it rained a ton, and we had a zone meeting that was kinda like without faith, and well, we are just trying so hard to help our missoinaries. I feel like I'm learning a little what it's like to be a parent. In that you can counsel, punish, uplift in a thousand ways, but in the end the "kids"make their own decisions and you can't do anything but stand on the sidelines and always be ready to help when they ask. It's tough, I sure hope my parents forgive me for all that stress I must have given. Because  honestly, I feel like the worst part is after you say all that you say, waiting to see what they DO. haha it's suspenseful and stressful. This week we have a full schedule traveling to the 3 districts to make sure all is well and well, Jesus de Otoro, my second home, is dead right now and we're going to go on Wednesday to see why, and see if we can help. 
Building houses

Thanks for everything my friends.

Paz y amor, Elder johnson