Monday, May 18, 2015

5-11-15 Musho Esfuerzo

Well I have transfers, I'm leaving my beloved Epseranza Zone. I've been here for over a year and I feel like I know it really well. I've given it a lot of effort and dedicated many hours of walking, sweating, praying, and thinking. A few tears have been shed, I have repented several times, and learned a great amount of lessons. The people here are so great, I can honestly without reserve say that I love them, even the poor drunk guys on the street that always seem to know English. From the hot to the cold, the dry to the extremely wet, I am so so grateful that God saw it fit to send me here and learn a thing or two.

Well now I'm going to a new area with a new companion, I'm gonna miss Elder Luquez, the monkey who punched me in  the nose and who I admire very much for his humility. I hope I may be like him in that way.

Really this week it was great to talk to the mother for mother's day, and well, I love those guys.

This week I was in our areas technically  3 days, Monday, Tuesday and Sunday. On Tuesday we had some baptisms and then I left Wednesday to do interchanges and just went from town to town after that. Elder Luquez doesn't like to travel a lot so I always seem to do the interchanges that are far away. hahaha funny kid.

We also had a conference with president with just  zones. He talked about Faith. He shared the scripture Alma :10 and talked about the musho esfuerzo... I think it's like much striving...??? idk but it was really good. I love President Fortuna, I think I would like to get to know him better but idk how or when but I really admire him. 

All in all, this week was really good, really busy, and really motivating. I want to give the Lord my all. I hope to be better each day.

amor y paz
Elder Johnson

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