Monday, May 18, 2015

5-18-15 I'm not in a Pueblo anymore

Well this week flew by. Yes, I had changes. I am now in the city really close to the airport, as well as the temple. It´s really weird to hear so much noise like all the time. The other night I couldn't{t sleep at like 3 in the morning. I got up and we have a deck in our apartment outside, we live on top of a restaurant, so I went out to go look at the stars and from so much light pollution I couldn't see the stars, and there were people outside and cars honking already, and I watched an airplane land instead. I think that´s when it really hit me that I am not in a peublo anymore.
My new apartment

 My new area is like 4 neighborhoods, called los laureles, my new companion is Elder Huanca from la paz Bolivia, he has 20 months in the mission, and is excited to go home. I´m in a WARD. Yeah, and like a functional ward. It´s super weird. With like a bishop and high priest and they don´t like depend on us, so that's something I´m not used to. haha
We have great investigators, two of them are teaching really interesting dialects from different Honduran indian tribes and cultures. One is called Misquito and the other is called Garifona. Which is pretty legit, I hope to be able to communicate before I leave. I sure won't be fluent but shoot, it sure is interesting.
Right now we have one baptism this weekend and 3 for next week and from there we only have 4 right now for June, we are working to find a family before I leave.

I feel rather limited in freedom. Before I was like doing my own thing how I wanted and I feel like the Lord partly sent me to the city to learn how to work with others and more than anything to humble me. haha Ironic right, but wellll God s perfect. I´m really excited for this weekends baptism. Also on Wednesday we´re going to the temple so... thats cool too. haha
I don't really know what else to say so with that I´ll be closing
Elder Johnson
Paz y amor

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