Monday, June 1, 2015

06-01-15 Music for the soul

Well, there goes another week. It´s crazy how fast the time is going by. Today I´m stoked because we get to play soccer.... so just letting you guys know, I´ve only played soccer 22 times on in my mission. This will be my last time..... it's things like that, that just keep hitting me. The bad part is my companion doesn´t like soccer.... oh well haha I gotta play so I don´t go crazy. I never got to play last month, so it´s overdue.

Now that that´s been said, thanks everyone for letting me vent.
Anyways this week we  had a baptism of a young women who had a very traumatic dealing with abuse from older cousins. She's only 14 years but she looks like she could be 18 or 19. It really is surprising how common that is here. The bad thing is yesterday she was going to be confirmed but her aunt died, so she had to go to the funeral. They have like some crazy law here where the family has to be buried in less than 12 hours and usually the faster the better. So they did the long march and cries and then she couldn´t come to church.... so bummer. We´ll keep working with her. she´s had a tough life and is ready for the gospel.
Other than that I have come to acknowledge I cannot eat the amount that I used to. I get full really fast with very little food and well the members are so nice and give a lot of food. When I started the mission I wouldn't have had any problem downing all of the food and soups and all the little juices they buy us, but now, I suffer trying to eat everything they give us and my companion is no help, eating even less than me. haha kinda sad. It sure makes me feel old. haha but I look at it positive. That means I don´t have to use a lot of money on food, or.. it means I use the same amount of food but higher quality. haha.
Also this week we sang alot and I´m realizing just how powerful the hymns are. There was a fireside with a 70 and we had the opportunity to be in the choir. And later I was part of a quartet where we sang "Nearer my God to thee", And emmm idk the translation "brillan rayos de clemencia.") I sang bass on "Nearer my God to thee", and tenor on "Brillan rayos"... I do enjoy music and I love how fast and strong the spirit comes when you sing them.
I've been studying the Sacrament. and prayer..... Two very important privileges that God has given us.
Well I love you all. Wishing you the best.
 Amor y paz,
Elder Johnson

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