Monday, June 8, 2015

06-08-15 Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world

I testify that Jesus is the Christ. The Savior and Redeemer of the world. He lives. Sometimes I take these truths for granted, a lot of the time I don't  appreciate just how important that is. 

What would have happened if Christ had failed? Just a theoretical question. I suppose we say that all of humanity would be lost for forever... But I often forget to apply that to me. That means I would be lost without hope to recover or fix my mistakes, to be stained over and over and over again and never to be washed. But not just me but my parents, my sisters, my cousins, my aunts and uncles and even my grandparents who are nearly perfect would all be lost. My future children would enter this world without hope. Because we learn that Christ's atonement pays for the sins of the innocent, but if he had never been able to realize that atonement they would be lost, yet we do have a hope, and it is a possible option that God has given us. He only asked the impossible of THE BEST, the One who fulfilled the Impossible. Isn't that awesome?

Christ did the Impossible, He was PERFECT, and this allowed him to make the great sacrifice of himself for me. He had success, He won this game, and all I have to do to be a winner as well is meet his requirements to be part of his team. Basically, obey for the love that we have towards him.

Those are the kinds of things that have been passing through my mind these days. We learn that this is the heart of the gospel, and everything else in the church is an appendage to the truth that my older brother and Savior has beaten sin and death. When we learn more about this extraordinary event, the more we love God, the more we love God the more we learn to love His children, our brothers and sisters.

I would say the best part about the gospel for me is that we are allowed to fix our mistakes. God wants me  to repent always. I'm allowed to be a 'work in progress' and I must continue to progress. 

Well yeah, idk where that came from but just typed what I felt. Um, this week was a good week. My companion is great, we had a baptism this week of a young women who needs help from God and is already healing. 

This ward is awesome, they give us a lot of food. I have now eaten the traditional mondongo soup like 8 or 9 times, (it's cow stomach soup) so that's cool. emm

I love this work. And I hope to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord.

sorry for my spelling, I only speak spanglish.

em yeah, great to hear from you guys and I love you a lot.
Hope you have a good week.

Paz y amor, 

Elder Johnson

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