Monday, February 24, 2014

2-24-14 Locked out


Ok this computer keyboard is kinda hard to work so please forgive all the bad grammar, spelling and notations or yeah whatever.

But hey this week was ... much better. We didn't have more people in church, but hey we found like basically 4 families who actually want to listen to us. This is a new feeling for my companion,  we start little but yeah super happy about that.

Other than that the work is good, surprisingly the zone has been selected zone of the month... why how and for what we don't know.... but hey I will take the blessings.

The adventure happened when  we locked our keys in our house so what did we do.... pretty much just stayed cool and then we took out two panels to the window next to the door, and used a broom stick to open the door (this is possible because they don't have door knobs here, they just have like a lever you push, and there is no door knob outside.) so we pushed it with a broomstick, at first we couldn't do it cause we couldn't see so I went to the other window and was like trying to direct my companion about how to use the broom handle. In the end we got it. 

Kind of how the prophet gives us instructions to open the door to heaven..... yeah it's a stretch but hey, everything is spiritual right? hahaa

Well have a good week

God bless you everyone. :) see ya all in like two years haha

Monday, February 17, 2014

2-17-14 I am 19!

so this week was hard..

I got your package guys, thanks for remembering me. It pulled me out

My companion and I are working super hard and we have a fecha here and it's sweet.
This date or fecha that we have is of a blind man that was a jehova witness... yeah how often does that happen? Not a ton right? Super sweet guy who knows how to live here in Honduras and is basically freaking awesome, but yeah he couldn´t arrive to church yet because no one has brought him. 

Other news I am 19 and feel older.  Its weird, I feel tired in this dry dusty place. 

Other news... um.... I can´t remember anything else. We´re struggling in finding people and everthing and we have to go home early because well.... I´m not gonna lie, this is probably one of the sketchiest areas in the mission.

Don´t have much to say, sorry guys, and we have less time today because we had to go to a juticalpa or a different city. 

Hope things improve, not that they're like that bad, the Lord is always with us :) see ya guys have  good luck guys!!! God loves us.

Monday, February 10, 2014

2-10-14 Transfers have come and gone and I've gone with them.

So I´m in a new area... Yeah it´s like leaving home again, for real. I am so lost and everything looks the same. This area is kind of almost dead missionary work wise, or I feel like it is. We need to higher our expectations of ourselves here and God will help us more... or thats how I feel. idk haha

Anyways I left my Dominican son in Comayagua, and left to a new area called Catacamas which will be the best area ever!!!! (its all psychological) haha My new companion is Elder Valencia from Ecuador, super cool guy and super good missionary. He´s the district leader here in a district of 8 missionaries... one of the larger districts I´ve been in. hahaha pretty crazy because my last district was half this size.

I´m in "training" again, the president is kinda short on leaders cause like half the zoneleaders left this last change and now he´s kinda short on district leaders and  is planing for the next change where we will lose some more Zone leaders... I bet Valencia is going to be one of the next greats of zone leaders. super obedient.

Catacamas is basically well.... like texas. Same music, same slow small town feel, cowboy hats, dust, cows and really spread out, one of the other big areas in the mission, but here we don´t take the bus. 

I gave a take in our branch of 90 people and still am missing something on my spanish. Here we have a blind investigator who is like the bomb and I had my first experience with a die hard catholic, but in the end we convinced him to just read the book of mormon the lord will do the rest.

well.... that's it, the house is really big compared to my apartment and, well my suitcases were super heavy. (if I was a poet I would have said "to match my heart" but I'm not so I didn't.)

It´s gonna be fun, the Lord is with us.

Love you guys and hope your doing good.  It was super good to hear from you guys. LOVE YOU ALL!!! :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

2-4-14 This ward has become my family

Why  did I  start using the dates as subject... cause I can never think of anything clever to say... hahaha

This week we had the largest baptism yet because we had our district combined. All in all we baptized 7 people and confirmed  7 people the next Sunday. The Bishop baptized the three from us and the other elders baptized a family of  4. The  thing is we´re all in the same ward so we  had like confirmation Sunday.... kinda awkward when the microphone doesn´t work...   just bow your head and.... well pray that the congregration can be reverent  that long...

Other than that I´m facing changes...  it sucks, I reall y really really don´t want to leave. When you put all your love, studies, thoughts, sweat and more love  into a people your bound to love them. And this ward was the ward  with which I learned spanish, they´re the people that make fun of me for being red all the time. I  have  given blessings and just man... it´s like having to leave home all over again but worse cause I may never see these guys again...

With all this sadness, me and my companion are still doing great thanks to the Lord.  He´s going to finish his training and one day  I´ll have a grandkid or two, I hope. .. hgaha never thought I?´d say that sentence. Changes are on Wednesday so you guys will know next Monday if I had changes..

I pray that we all recognize the great worth of the gospel.  That we recognize  the great worth of ourselves, and that we recognize the great worth of our brothers here on earth. 

God loves us. Christ lives. 

What else do we need to know?

Con amor, Elder Johnson