Monday, February 17, 2014

2-17-14 I am 19!

so this week was hard..

I got your package guys, thanks for remembering me. It pulled me out

My companion and I are working super hard and we have a fecha here and it's sweet.
This date or fecha that we have is of a blind man that was a jehova witness... yeah how often does that happen? Not a ton right? Super sweet guy who knows how to live here in Honduras and is basically freaking awesome, but yeah he couldn´t arrive to church yet because no one has brought him. 

Other news I am 19 and feel older.  Its weird, I feel tired in this dry dusty place. 

Other news... um.... I can´t remember anything else. We´re struggling in finding people and everthing and we have to go home early because well.... I´m not gonna lie, this is probably one of the sketchiest areas in the mission.

Don´t have much to say, sorry guys, and we have less time today because we had to go to a juticalpa or a different city. 

Hope things improve, not that they're like that bad, the Lord is always with us :) see ya guys have  good luck guys!!! God loves us.

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