Monday, February 24, 2014

2-24-14 Locked out


Ok this computer keyboard is kinda hard to work so please forgive all the bad grammar, spelling and notations or yeah whatever.

But hey this week was ... much better. We didn't have more people in church, but hey we found like basically 4 families who actually want to listen to us. This is a new feeling for my companion,  we start little but yeah super happy about that.

Other than that the work is good, surprisingly the zone has been selected zone of the month... why how and for what we don't know.... but hey I will take the blessings.

The adventure happened when  we locked our keys in our house so what did we do.... pretty much just stayed cool and then we took out two panels to the window next to the door, and used a broom stick to open the door (this is possible because they don't have door knobs here, they just have like a lever you push, and there is no door knob outside.) so we pushed it with a broomstick, at first we couldn't do it cause we couldn't see so I went to the other window and was like trying to direct my companion about how to use the broom handle. In the end we got it. 

Kind of how the prophet gives us instructions to open the door to heaven..... yeah it's a stretch but hey, everything is spiritual right? hahaa

Well have a good week

God bless you everyone. :) see ya all in like two years haha

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