Monday, March 3, 2014

3-3-14 Honduran directions

Another week has passed by and more adventures have happened. But honestly I dont remember much. Bad sign for when I'm old.

Basically the biggest news is we have decided to put new boundries in our area, we have alot of investigators but no one is progressing, and we realized nobody was working the other side of the area. So... well we are going to pass all of our investigators to the other elders in our area, do a bunch of interchanges (when you switch companions for a day) and introduce the new elders to our old investigators while basically just looking for less actives and contacting.

Here are directions to a reference: 
"ok so you know the 18 (a school) well on the street on the right of this you follow that street going down, like for or five streets then turn left. youll be going towards the stadium, then youll see like 4 big palm trees go to that house, in front of that house take the little way in front and youll arrive to a big area open, than look for a dog that is always laying in the shade to your left, the house behind this dog is the family."..... yeah thank you sooo much president. But thats how the missiion is and such an adventure love it!!!!!

Basically, we did find the reference by the way but usually, geez, we find less than half of our references.

My Companion is in a evangelical mood, he is always saying like, "so says the word, "yes or no", "We are the church!!!!" I played along falling on the ground and shouting hallelujuah, but after a while.. man what are our investigators gonna think? Thank goodness he hasn't said that to any investigators yet. I have been telling him that he embarrasses me alot, and well, he's happy about it.. hahaha Its pretty funny. 

Other than that just excited to start clean in this area. we are going to work. Jacob 4. Last verse really hit me this week. as well as 2 Nephi 25:23 just do all we can do.
God will do the rest.

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