Monday, March 17, 2014

3-17-14 Wisdom is learning from others mistakes

This week was good, very good, I am content.
Let me tell ya something about my companion. He is the model missionary, he does everything with exactness he strives to follow the spirit, he plans like a beast, and basically, is the example of a hard working, confident, missionary. And he has not baptized very much.
Sometimes he feels bad about that and wonders why, like what is he doing wrong, but he´s not doing anything wrong. Basically suffice it to say that he has had alot of bad luck with a few of his companions.
The good news, we baptized someone! It´s an amazing story, this investigator is famous around here for singing, he is the president of blind people of Honduras, he was a Jehovah Witness and he had his own church. But Elder Valencia found him and didn´t give up.
This Wednesday is changes so we don´t know if we are going to leave our areas. It´s probable that Elder Valencia will be leaving, it's just so cool to have the opprotunity to have success like that with him. He is a huge example to me.
Other news um.. this week we got pretty muddy, and I learned what wisdom is... learning from others mistakes hahaha I escaped the mud pretty much and my companion lost a shoe. It was fun.... um... but that's another story which I don´t seem to have time to write. haha oh well it´s in my journal.
This week I was studying in Jacob 4, man I really liked how he described blindness. I don´t know the exact translation but its definition has like overpassing the mark in like verse 12 I think, I don´t remember exactly, but it struck me that if we aren't focused on what we should be, don´t have our priorities, we will not see the thing we should. In other words we are blind.
Liked that alot. We just need to stay focused.
Also this week we had the opprotunity to listen to Elder Scott and Elder Oaks.  Who know Elder Scott speaks spanish?  But the other speaker didn´t so the missionaries had to take turns simultaenously (yes it is spelled wrong... I think) translating. What fun.... but yeah.
Today we´re going to some cave that the president just barely reopened kinda stoked..
That's it for this week,
Paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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