Monday, March 10, 2014

3-10-14 8 months! The best two years for my life

Welp.. another week has passed and we have a little more time in the mission, and a little less time with our privilege of a calling. (don´t judge the spelling. I´m walking lost around here. haha)

Anyways so remember how I talked about how we put boundries well yeah, it is so fun opening an area. Seriously.. :)

We have like one investigator right now. It´s sweet we decided to start doing a ton of activities and to begin to teach English. Just trying to involve the branch more and animate them so that they WANT to help. 

One thing that my very wise companion has taught me is about leadership. Basically if you were to look at Elder Valencia you wouldn´t think that he is a leader. But honestly he is the best leader I have ever known. He is very humble, and very knowledgable. He has like 10 months being a District Leader basically he has it down to the T. Everyone loves him! How does he do it? well He told me the other day, "a good leader doesn´t push, a good leader pulls".

If we each are members of this church, basically it means we are leaders, yeah maybe we don´t all have the characteristics of leaders but when we became part of this church that means we separated ourselves from the world, we have a different standard. We are in fact leading. 

As a missionary I shouldn´t push investigators I should pull them until they in turn push me (hopefully in the form of referrals). haha I love this work.

I don´t remember who said this but another thing my companion quotes to me all the time. "the mission wasn´t the best two year OF my life, but it was the best two years FOR my life. I know I´m here to be formed and tried in a way that God wants me to do. Like it says in the scripture from last week 2 Nephi 25:23 I have to do all I can and God will do the rest. 

Love you guys, Hope you are all doing well.

Peace out, love people!

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