Tuesday, March 25, 2014

3-25-14 inconsistent power fun

Well sorry for not writing yesterday.  It's what happens when your in the pueblos, the power isn´t exactly consistent here... haha but hey we got permission to write today.

Well let me start by saying I have received my new companion. He´s from Mexico, and he is 20 years old and 16 months in the mission. Seems like a pretty chill kid, I think we will have success. Other news associated with this change, I am no encargado, or.. Charged? I think that's the word - With taking the numbers from the district, to give encouragement and serve in anyway I can to my fellow missionaries, or I've been called a district leader. I thought our Zone leaders were joking but.... no. They weren´t.

To get to the office on Wednesday we had to wake up at 2:30 in the morning and leave for the bus at 3:00, yeah not a ton of fun but we did it. There I said good bye to Elder Valencia and he left for the 4 hour journey and I stayed in a trio in Catacamas. He was in a trio with the Zone leaders. He is now a Zone leader in Comayagua. Funny how the world works, He will be excellent.

Other than that the power has been out more than normal around here and we  have to enter the house at like 6:00 which sucks. We have to enter the house because the streets are super dark and well, not considered the safest in the world but we try to make it fun by having alot of fire in our... well you could call it like a parking strip inside our house.. if that makes sense, don´t worry nothing bad has happened yet. :) hahah

Other than that we´re just looking for anybody who would be willing to go to church, we´ll find them this week. 

Love ya´ll hope you have great a great week!

paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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