Tuesday, June 16, 2015

6-15-15 I hope to keep the Lord close in my life.

Well... I had my last interview with my mission president today. It´s the famous last interview and it was really good. I feel like he trusts me a lot and he told me that he has always trusted me a lot. He said that he had always sent me so far away so that I could take care of everyone really far away and that I was an excellent missionary. President Fortuna hasn´t been very known to give a lot of compliments but geez, I felt like he sure was sugaring me up. haha When really I was pretty much a normal missionary who tried my best and did what I was told. 

Other than that this week has been a flurry of trying to help disobedient missionaries and rebellious investigators who don't seem to be letting the spirit into their lives. We are trying to help them.

My companion is probably the quietest companion that I have ever had and at first he doesn't seem very funny but.... he really is in his own quiet way.. haha It´s always a good time in the mission. 

I really love the mission and well I love feeling close to the Lord. I hope to enjoy that closeness for the rest of my life.

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