Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 12

SO this week was super crazy.  Just to sum it up, I´m with the zone leaders in a trio right now... yeah pretty much is the result of craziness!!! shya

Ok so Tuesday my companion got called as secretary, so they have to be trained a week early so we went to Tegucigalpa where I received a native Honduran for a companion. He was waiting for his visa to go to his mission in Mexico but the thing is, he was trained here and we already knew each other from the mission president's house. So we had 4 days together, then he got taken by the pres to go to Mexico and I am now with the zone leaders...

We found 28 people and 4 families.. in 3 days... yeah both of us were in training still and training each other and we have the highest numbers in the zone.... weak things shall be made strong.. it´s amazing. Sooo ready to rely on the Lord, it was like a test drive of training and now I'm learning from the best,  our ex assistant and the zone leader.. man, God really is looking out for me.  I wish I could have had more time with this elder cause really, he and I made a great team, but the Lord knows better than I.

Hope that you all don´t get mad at me if I don´t write a personal email, I'm really limited over here. Love you all running out of time again! 
umm..... yeah wish we could have focused more on missionary work instead of missionary coordination but all is well...

Stay strong, the Lord WILL help us. Love you all.
Love, Elder Johnson

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