Wednesday, November 27, 2013

3 Days of house arrest

Well apparently Thanksgiving already passed... I forgot, bad American sorry guys.

This week was super long why?
1. We have a tiny apartment and we weren't allowed to leave for three days
2. Lots of noise in the night for 3 nights
3. All because of the elections here - everyone is scared to talk to anyone... ugh dang politics!!

But anyways, right now feels like the height of success for me.  We're two weeks into training and now we have 7 people and 3 families with fechas accepted.. how firm they are is the next question... I hope the don't flake out...

Um.. other than that we have just been working our butts off and sometimes I feel like I need to be like a better example, but really I'm just doing my best but it's a little hard and scary to try to be responsible for everything including the results. Scariest part.. The phone, I struggle with spanish in person, imagine spanish with static and a funny accent.... oh man, but the best thing to do is just do it. Maybe NIKE was inspired idk.

In the three days of our prisonhood we actually had a lot of fun. I learned alot about Dominica and I can now cook like a Dominican and I'm working on the accent. From what I can gather, they're like the Hollywood of Spanish America. Always singing and dancing, I learned a lot of dances and music and one more thing, Domincan people are crazy about pool... soo yes we made a flipping sweet pool table using a box(for the borders) 3 bottles (for the pockets) and an extra sheet that was in the apartment.. and finally a ton of tape.  Then for the sticks we used the broom handle and some golf balls we had from my golf day... Yeah it was sweet and I made cake and we had cake and ice cream like every day... so really maybe the phrase prisonhood is a bit harsh.

Welp I'm excited to get out of the house finally, hope people warm up again and Love you all, Have a good Thanksgiving!  Hasta manana!!!

Elder Sean Johnson

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