Monday, December 2, 2013

Love Pizza!

Welp, Idk who´s reading this at this point but I am so grateful for my awesome ward at home. I got your guys´ letters and just idk, thanks guys, means alot.

So to begin, I´m going to start by explaining that here we have  3 missionaries with more than a year in our whole zone... yeah out of 12 only 3 have more than a year... so basically we´re a bunch of greenies.  My district leader has two more changes than me, yes he´s new from Mexico.  Then there´s me and my son and that's the only changes... but in our zone the zone leaders have like a reward and point system by the numbers. And the best prize is they buy you a pizza if you are in 1st place. I´m proud to say me and my son (who I´ve been training for three weeks) have eaten pizza three p-days in a row... yeah pretty sweet.

Now that I´m bragging the Lord is for sure going to humble me in some way.  It just demonstrates that really it doesn't´t matter your experience, the Lord is working us in a way that I never thought was possible. We´re going like 100 miles an hour and honestly, I don´t want it to stop. I want to finish this race like this.

I´m so grateful for this Gospel. Seriously, this week I took a minute to look at how old I am, what I´m doing, and how I'm doing it and well really.... I'm so not qualified for these things.  Maybe that's why the Lord is sending such young people. Because they HAVE to rely on the Lord, not on their qualifications. We don´t have a choice, I can´t tell people how to fix a marriage because I went to school and received training, I can´t tell them that I know because I have experience with marriage, I can´t even give them advice from seeing a bad marriage, and people are trying to fix it. But lately that´s what me and my companion have been teaching a ton lately GET MARRIED. It´s like a Honduran tradition to Not get married, yeah the biggest block to baptism really.

Anyway, this week was good, just keep getting frustrated with fechas falling through, but part of the work. One of our members that really might be John the Beloved got beat up and couldn´t visit with us. Funny that here if someone gets beat up it´s like well psh why was he being stupid?
Where in Utah it´s like who beat him up? haha, well Ii think its funny.  It wouldn´t be funny if he was super hurt or anything and he was even making jokes about it haha oh well.

Oh. freaking sweet news!  We took one more step into making Las Anonas (the little village in the mountains) a branch!!  We´re having meetings up there on Sundays.. woooo hooo!

One last thing, the weather here is usually super hot but this past four days it´s been cold cold, but compared to Utah, nah, still warm, but for some reason I´ve been freezing my bottom off..

With that I´ll end.  I love this gospel, I´m grateful to God to have had the opprotunity to have this my whole life. love ya all, peace out 
Elder Johnson

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