Monday, December 30, 2013

A Honduran Christmas and awesome rompompo

Dear beloved ones,

So.. let me describe Christmas in Honduras with four major things:

First like the "Holy week" everyone is super jolly, setting up gigantic towns of Bethlehem and nativity scenes in their little jail cell, (because they don't have yards I call them cells) like the full out bonkers, I saw one with an artificial river and water fall, like nuts.

Second on the 24th they have fire works at midnight and all the kids open their presents. I'm pretty sure santa doesn't visit here because if he did Rudolph would be a goner. Kinda like "Death by fireworks" here. The members tell us that they have like mini wars with roman candles and have like bases where they bomb the other team.. yeah nuts, idk how many people are in the hospital.

Third, all of last week and this week they eat tamales and camatales and torejas and stuff that is considered like special Christmas treats.. and aren't bad.. but with tamales it's like a prank to put something gross in the middle sooo ,beware if your friends with a Honduran.

Fourth, all of this is accomplished with the accompimiant of drinking a ton of alcohol and rompompo... thats just eggnog. Which is just as good here as it is in the states..

Speaking of rompompo, we were at some members house and they gave us this and said, drink it drink it, and of course we did.  Later they were looking at the bottle and saying that their grandma had made it. The next thought they had was, wait a minute, our grandma isn't a member.. usually eggnog is made with alcohol.. hahaha, so we were all like freaking out and the members were freaking out and saying what did we do to the missionaries!? and later we asked the grandma and she made it without alcohol in respect to her childrens beliefs and turns out wants to learn more about the church. haha God does work in mysterious ways.

Anyways, yeah, of course that was the highlight of this week. My companion and I are slaying numbers wise we just gotta get this family to pray about their fecha and we'll be baptizing this family of 7 people. But they gotta do their part. God will always do his part. Always. 

As a missionary I've learned that I NEED to trust God more. He hasn't let me down yet. I'm not saying everything is super smooth all the time but like with the story of eggnog, shoot I worried so much I was gonna like call the president and like.. shoot, I don't even know what I was going to do but I was scared, when really God knows my intentions, why am I so worried haha. Faith and hope. They're the best and really they come in a package.

I love this gospel, it's awesome. This New Year is gonna be sweet and I'm in the best place in the world for it. 
Love you guys take care.
Love Elder Johnson

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