Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year! Bye 2013 and hello 2014!

Happy new year every one!!! wow, new years really feels like it was a year ago.
New years here is even crazier than christmas with a stress on crazy dancing in the streets while fireworks blow up everywhere... yeah... and a cross dresser chased me and my companion.... not a good night..
Cow stomach soup, Yum.


With my machete, sweet!

But it passed so whoo!! the best thing about 2013 was I left on a mission... Yeah who would have guessed, freaking sweet and all, loving it and I feel good. But lots of other great things happened too, so yeah, just a great year and forward we go.

I have a ton of goals for 2014 a whole complete year of nothing but missionary work.Talk about sweet.

This week we visited a town called San Jerenimoh and we found a pila for baptism like some guy just decided to make one and made it in his yard.. and he accepted to be baptized. yeah that was crazy, the thing is this is like an hour away from our house by bus so we really should start another branch out here but... we don't have enough time or missionaries... crazy when the work is going faster than the missionary and we go fast so yeah just saying..

These days I feel really content with myself, I know I have a ton to learn but I'm doing good. I'm working hard and I know God has my back. How? Well, I'm being obedient, I'm working my tail off and I'm trying sooo hard to pay attention to the the spirit. I had an experience on our way to Las Anonas where I felt the spirit leave. like physically.. I took that to mean lets get out of here so... we did, we ran down the mountain.. I don't know what would have happened, if we didn't maybe nothing, but man, I've never felt the spirit leave so... like strong.  Idk can things leave strong? just go with it if it doesn't make sense sorry.

Our ward has started to call me Elder beautiful, Elder baby shampu (long story about a brand of shampoo called Johnson, yes only for babies), and Elder beloved, as well as Elder Johnson. I am expected to respond to all four.. kinda weird. soon the Second Holy week will begin and there will be more parties, it's funny it's like everyone is just looking for an excuse to party. I'm down with that.. (after the mission of course)

Well, Love ya'll sorry i didn't share anything deeply proufound or anything but i want to give one of my favorite scriptures of the week Moroni 9:6 talks about diligence.. and our final promise if we are diligent check it out. :)

Bye, Con amor,
Elder Johnson

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