Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Better late than....We'll just say a little late

OK  OK no one worry I´m  not dead.... :)

Now that that's over with, let me explain why I didn´t write on p-day, I went to Tegucigalpa and became a resident  of Honduras... yeah pretty sweet, never  thought I would speak spanish so easy.... it was a great feeling. I saw Elder Ditton ( he´s from my same school)  and we talked a bit. We didn´t really know each other before the mission but like we saw each around in school. It is weird to say it´s kind of a comfort to see someone that you don´t really know, but it is. Just to say yeah...  he´s from my town, still alive and well. It´s crazy, he already has a year under his belt.. nuts, I remember when he left.haha

Anyway this passed week was excellent!!!  We have 2 more baptisms on Saturday.

The family with the death certificate are waiting for the lawyer and wow, me and my compaion are doing great.

I don´t  want  leave this area but sadly... it looks like I´m going to.

Man I love this place.

We have a family that the son isn´t even baptized and said he wants to be like us and is already preparing to serve a mission... haha, such a freaking cool blessing, hope I can see them baptized.... sooo sweet of a family.


Still have more work than time, super hard to fit in this  baggy session of writing... but yeah figured mom would like it, love ya mom.

Um... yeah gotta go with that , oh the president interveiwed us, all is good, just thinks our house is smalll... which it is... sucks but still love it.

Bye, love ya all and congratulations to those of you progressing in life.... ;)

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