Monday, January 13, 2014

Dog, that is a girl

This week was super busy and super long because I thought it was over on like Wednesday... weird right?

So, the big thing that happened this week is we went to the temple. It was kind of a hard decision to make because we could go there or we could teach the people in las anonas and we chose the temple where we taught the gardners who apperently aren't members... but it was sweet. I definitely felt different inside the temple... more peace, and I'm already a pretty peaceful guy so it was super great!
One of the people I've been working with down here went to the temple. He was a less active and now he's in the temple. It's moments like that where you feel like your not just walking a ton and talking to people.

Other than that we have another fecha! (date) and this one is rock solid. She had been taught earlier but didn't get baptized. We found her in our records contacted her and challenged her to be baptized. Just shows that God really does lead us if we are listening. Super cool, love  it!!!

Other than that I had my embarrassing moment in spanish finally. Ya know, the one you hope to avoid. We were teaching this lession and in the end I couldn't remember the name of this girl we were teaching so I said, "forgive me but whats your name again?" she said "perrrrrla" which means "pearl" but with all the erres (it sounds like the sound little boys make when describing machine gun fire) I heard perra.  Without thinking I just repeated what I heard... perra which means, "dog, that is a girl"..... yeah I felt stupid.
Her mom was in the doorway and laughing her head of.... yeah then we worked on claryifing.... ugh moments like that I hate spanish... but it's good.

Then next day usually I attend to my little rama las anonas but we have no money so I went to church normal and gave a little talk surprisingly.. giving a talk in front of 140 people is a lot harder than in front of 22 people... lets just say I found myself speaking english in the middle of the talk... and everyone was looking at me like an alien, except for..... the bishop who was laughing.. great. love life.

Anyways learning alot still, my companion and I are what you would call in a "hate to love" relationship where we now have 2 months with eachother 24/7, but all is good.

Stay great ya'll, scripture of the week is Mosiah 5:15. learn it, live it, love it.

Elder johnson out peace :)

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