Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No water for the pila!

 So this week was super, well honestly the numbers dropped, but we had two hugely succesful baptisms, now I'm tired.

The big story is that we didn´t have a pila for our baptism yesterday because the water system was destroyed. so we kind of had an emergency. First off everyone we invited was mad that we couldn´t recall all of them and tell them that we had no water because we were panicking and talking to some guy 2 hours away about how to fix the system.... the result well we had two options... we know some people with a pool or we could go in the middle of the other church and their sacrament meeting and baptize..... we called the zone leaders and they said to go to the church soooo.... we did.. hahaha awkward but luckily the ward was super chill and everyone congratulated him... but geez that was stressful.  Then we went to our church just in time to start and he got confirmed with the baptism of Saturday. I´m getting old, or at least I´m beginning to feel old... haha
Definitely not gonna forget this.

Oh new record we got 18 investigators in sacrament meeting. This one guy named.. well I´m gonna say Christian was like... 

          "Hey guys you´ve taught me like 3 times and well I prayed about it and I felt peace sooooo.... I wanna get baptized" 
         We were like...,"uh uh oh uh... ok when?" 
         "Well like soon. Would tomorrow be good?"
          "uhh... well how would next Saturday be for you-us?"
          "Yeah ok, and I want you guys to talk to my sister.  She needs help and wants to be baptized too."

Yeah. just gotta say I love this future bishop. Hahaha, no but really, I love him man. He´s gonna get baptized on Saturday with the amazing air force family (ironically family peace.. air force.. get it) haha love them too and can´t wait to go to the temple with them and see them sealed... 

Man I Love missionary work.

Love ya all stay cool, try to think of a scripture for the whole day. personally I like alma 36:3.

see ya in two years or something. peace out

Elder Johnson

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