Monday, December 16, 2013

Another baptism and I built a house!


This week was crazy!  I didn't feel like we did much then I looked at our numbers and we freaking killed..... (only an expression) but it explains why I'm so tired these days.

It's weird here they don't have day light savings so its really bright in the morning and really dark at like five..

Anyways this week we had a really great baptism and I helped build a house, pretty much the highlights of the week.

The baptism was the family of women so according to our standards not a family, but 5 women, but it was still awesome. They live out in the middle of no where... it's really weird, and we only found them because they came to church out of the blue once.

I also found out the members love me here!  That felt good, this one sister wants me to call her Mama mejia but I had to tell her I can't because I'm a missionary. Her son just got back from Guatemala... 

This letter isn't real focused.  Really this week was just a good solid overall week. My companion is growing, I'm growing, we need the office to reimburse us for paying the electric bill and... yeah we have a ton of progressing investigators and a family that is scheduled for next week. I can now say I speak spanish. I just can't say I speak spanish well.... umm....

Yeah thats it. I love this work!!! Love this Gospel!!! Love being happy!!!

Take care, love ya all. Elder Johnson

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