Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

So... we had 4 more baptisms that rocked, and then the primary program brought like 50 more people to church than normal. WAHOOO!!!

It's so satisfying to see good things happen but I have something I have to admit... The girls here like me and it's wierd because the ones that like me are all under 12..... yeah like after the primary program three little ninitas attacked me and hugged me!!!!! AAHHHHHH!!! SIN!!!!!! Don't worry, I did tell the president and I did not hug back in any way.. super awkward....

The baptism was of 4 girls who are the daughters of Fabian. Fabian has a complicated story but basically we're waiting for the papers of marriage for him and his wife then they'll be baptized too!! These four girls remind me alot of my sisters.... and the youngest is 8 and getting her into the font was really funny because at the last minute she was super afraid of the water and her mom came and kind of pushed her into the font saying something like "do you love Jesus! Then do this!" and... yeah she got baptized super linda baptism cause we had all the kids of the ward there on the Saturday and they sang and everything!!! wow. Probably one of my favorites for sure, it's so amazing to see people sooo like clean, so clean you  can feel it... wow just loved it.

Small news,  I'm a branch president of the Las Anonas mini part branch, and I have had alot of interchanges. The members all love me now and I only have 6 weeks left in this area.. :( bummer.

Elder Montero is strong and always complaining that he's like a black person and this isn't his True color... haha I'm a red skin and less gringo than many gringos but... still there.

Well Merry Christmas!!! Love ya all and hope your all doing great! paz y amor :)

Elder Johnson

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