Monday, December 16, 2013

Missionary's advice to the youth in our ward for Fear Factor, Tuesday, December 17th.

Elder Sean Johnson
Advice: Hug your mom when you can, tell your dad you love and appreciate him. And talk about the Gospel with your friends, it's not just a Sunday thing.  Everyone wants to be happy. I promise that if you follow the commandments you'll be happy, that simple.
Elder Johnson

Elder Spencer Agren
MIs amigos!
Hola de Argentina! Missionary work is the greatest. You have no idea how crazy....insane... this work can be. Yes, there are tough parts about the work (like not having any snow at all for Christmas) but baptisms and playing futbol with the natives is the best. The Lord´s work makes every worth while! Have a good time this Christmas, and remember the real reason why we celebrate! Mormons rule!!
Elder Agren

Elder Alek Barney
Try Poutine. All it is is french fries with cheese curds and brown gravy it is really good.
I can't think of anything inspiring to say but  the way to a happy life is service and selflessness.
Elder Tyler Hanks
Beware the panza. It could kill you

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