Monday, November 4, 2013

Visiting Picacho

This week was pretty sweet until Sunday.
On Monday we went to a place called Picacho which has a giant Christus at the top of this mountain. We went with the president and it was awesome to get to know that he is a real person not just a person we send numbers to.

um... yeah the rest of the week was spent working, I´ve been feeling sooo tired lately it´s crazy I never thought that I would have to fight my eyelids so hard. Really this week was double hard because we didn´t have money to visit the peublitos so we had to stay in the city with the stiff necked and hardhearted. It´s not that they don´t let us in, it´s that they don´t receive the message we share, but in their minds they didn´t reject the word of God because they let us in the house so they´re good. Still frustrated with my Spanish inadequacies that continue to be pointed out to me. 
I had a trainers meeting this week and was with Elder Livingston. This guy is a missionary, he just finished being an A.P. and then he was my Zone Leader and now he´s going to finish his mission training. One thing that stuck out to me was how happy he was. Like that´s seriously one way to tell an obedient hard working missionary from a disobedient one, how happy they are. So in the end isn´t it easier to be hard working and obedient and LIGHT than disobedient, lazy, and unhappy HEAVY.
Maybe this is applicable to more than just missionaries but I´m not going to think about it right now cause I got a job to focus on.. just keep this letter so I can think about it later. haha.
One of our biggest struggles is getting people to church. Even with a new schedule we lost 30 people who were attending before. They aren´t willing to eat lunch a little later for the Lord.... yeah.. a bit dramatic but I mean literally it´s such a small thing to keep someone from such a grand potential it´s like tripping on a pebble the size of your pinky toe. And we went to church and ended up being fed 5 times!!! Ridiculous I'm getting fat! I gained all the weight back that I lost in Mexico but its all fat.. awkward. 
Love you all, I really appreciate the emails and letters of encouragement you guys are great. Remember don´t trip over pebbles, shoot just don´t trip.  
Elder Johnson

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