Monday, October 28, 2013

I have been called, and am way stressed!

So this week wasn´t very exciting in anything except we just had a solid week. We did good work this week and well.... I´ve been called to train... yeah in the next two Wednesdays I´ll be receiving a new Latino companion and Elder Aguilar will be leaving to a different area... Getting ready to test my Spanish for sure. Shoot I'm so nervous for real. In our mission we have a tradition of referring to our trainees as our ¨sons¨ so.... I´m gonna have a Latino son, really curious who it will be. sooooooo stressed.

Other than that we visited a new peublito even farther up the canyon than Las Anonas called San Jeronimo, where we found like a branch of inactive women who can´t afford to go to church so they just have been meeting and reading the scriptures on Sundays. We´re looking, we only need 7 men who will be given the priesthood and we can form a branch up there.

Another big change is our bishop is changing the time our church time to 11-2 and setting up a system to activate the huge amount of inactive people. All the members are going to meet at the church at 8 and go visit until 11. Yeah sweet huh!?  You can bet us missionaries will do our part.

Honestly I'm kind of sad to see Elder Aguilar about to leave... I´m going to be all alone in this area surrounded by new missionaries because the other missionaries are leaving in the area as well... that means when we´re in Tegucigalpa I have to get us back to Comayagua.. freaky.

I know that God wants me to train, but I also know that this is probably more for me to learn than to teach. Yeah I'm gonna do my best. Haha I've never applied 1 Nephi 3:7 so much in my life.  I´m both excited and scared out of my begeebers, to be relying on the lord so much, but why should I fear. I hope I don´t prove to be a man of little faith. 
I love you all, and man I miss you. But I know that this church is the church of Jesus Christ and ultimately he is at the head. He is directing this church.  I love him, and I know he loves me. I want to be able to tell him that in person. I can´t wait. 

peace out! 
Elder Sean Johnson

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