Monday, October 7, 2013

Where much is given, much is required

I´m gonna be honest, all I remember about this week is this weekend, GENERAL CONFERENCE IS SWEET!!!!! No doubt, this church is so true!!!! My favorite talk was by Elder Nelson, the last one in the last session. It´s amazing. I learned sooo much.

Its amazing that we have such leaders and discourses every 6 months. I don't think I´ll be able to look at general conference the same ever again.
Um... what else we gave two blessing this week on lady said she couldn´t see, then she could. Another man has a problem with his blood.  He is super catholic with his family, but he still asked for a blessing. The spirit was so strong. I don't understand how people can believe in our blessing but not our church. Either this church is true, or it´s not. That´s what we claim, seek, and  have found in this church. That this church is the only true church on earth..... The only pure religion, the only way to salvation, and eternal life... sometimes I wonder if we forget our potential. Eternal life, there is a huge difference between immortality and eternal life. We can achieve our potential, it was promised 5 times this conference.
Another scripture that really was repeated at least 5 times is the scripture about "take my yoke upon you for my way is easy and my burden is light" in Mathew, yeah it must be pretty important if so many talks mentioned it... ha one last thing that stuck out to me was how many promised blessing the prophet gives us... seriously I wrote down at least 7 just from the closing remarks. PROMISES of the lord! woooo talk about bodaciousness!!!
Also this week we taught in a new place, another pueblito por las anonas, so many people sacrifice so much here just to go to church. It makes me wonder how I´m worthy to try to teach them? They live the gospel even though they don´t know all about it. This is better than me. It´s like when Christ upbraided Thomas because he didn´t believe until he saw. Part of my belief is because I have seen the results of living this gospel and this is good. But I think that those simple and humble people with no money to go to church and too weak of bones to make the hike, are better than I and I hope to one day be like them. We are so blessed, God has given me so much. D&C 82:3 I think is my new favorite scripture, totally applicable to life, and for me right now both a great relief and warning.
I hope you all got the chance to listen to the Saturday conference, it talked so much about how to help the missionaries. Really we have been sent as "gathers" not "planters". I mean of course you´re going to plant while harvesting, but our main purpose is to harvest, so who are the laborers? Maybe we just need to look into the mirror to find them.
I love you guys so much, all of you have impacted my life, and I am so grateful for it. Pres. Monson teaches that "those who touch our lives become part of us, and we carry them around with us" and therefore  it follows in my head that we can be lifted up by those same people. I love this Gospel, the true pure gospel of Jesus Crist.
p.s. Dad congrats on "our" bike ,)

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