Monday, October 14, 2013

We had a baptism!

This week I got sick from eating cabbage, never again.... then my companion got the flu on Friday so we were praying we would be healthy for the baptism... um yeah it was super miraculous.
He was kind of sick so they made me do the baptism... I felt the power of the words and like it was super happy and clean. As soon as she came back up all I could do was smile, a huge smile. Hahahaha oh man it was so beautiful.
Also we had a huge storm this week, the roads turned into a river. 

Oh!! also we had a family just randomly come to church. HALA!  It was amazing they are for sure going to be strong in the church.

The ward has started to try to organize home teaching and us missionaries are planning for a ward barbeque, they don`t have an activities director or committee.  Too bad that would be so much easier, the thing is that our area is soo huge.

I`m going to buy these narly nephite sandals I saw and a wicked machete, sweet!!! Oh and I bought a pillow!!! super!!!!

Sorry I don`t have much to share, just make sure that you stick to your commitments, love your enemies and those who are in a different situation than you. Try to think about what you want to become and HOW you are going to do it. 

My favorite chapter this week was Alma 34, about not putting off repentance.

Love ya`ll I`m out of time. :) the district leader is kinda on my back right now otherwise I would explain this.

keep strong, Elder Sean Johnson

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