Monday, October 21, 2013

I sang with a band

Ok.... well this week we baptized a little boy who lives in a place called the Valle de Angeles, it is definately a beautiful place. He came early on Sunday and asked me to baptize him... of course I said yes.

This week was extremely eventful.

But other than that Honduras won on Tuesday over Jamaica (yeah, Scott my mission country beat your mission country ;) ) haha jk but they lost to Brazil next so... yeah that was a short victory.

Also on Tuesday I ate cow tongue... hahaha it was`t that bad, I was honestly really excited about
it haha my companion didn't  like it at all but todo cheque. I find myself surrounded by really baggy
missionaries. One has 4 weeks left and then my companion and this Nicaraguan all are super baggy. Kinda affecting me.

On Wednesday we didn`t go to Las Anonas because we all had interveiws with the president. For those of you who don`t know my pres. is this huge black guy that carrys a bat around everywhere, and is from the Dominican Republic. Yeah pretty cool right? Until you have to be in a small room
with him and you`re the last one and he`s kind o sick of dealing with disobedient missionaries.. and he has his bat.. great situation. :) but I love him he`s super cool and has a sweet accent. After the interveiws he took everyone to Burger King.

Thursday we visted another small pueblito where we met a Brasilian minister with another cool accent, but it wasn´t cool because he was trying to steal our investigators... yeah but cool experience our investigators claimed us as their church...I`m thinking that`s a good sign.  She has a date for Nov 2nd, the thing is it`s 40 limps to get to church, and 40 to get back, she doesn´t even have that.

Friday I went on interchanges with my District leader who is also Brazilian and we ran in to a Honduran like band who  wanted us to sing so... I tried to imitate them.  I took a picture with the guitaurist who is now letting us visit him and seems pretty positive. Still Early. I`m getting more confident I think I`ve just determined to enjoy this cause dang it,  God wants us to have joy, even if
contention is surrounding us.

 Saturday we went to Las Anonas and they were having a soccer tournament, they had four teams competing. It was sooooo cool!!!! It`s this little village that grows beans, and they have a total of 300 people, 2 hours away from the nearest high way on top of a mountain and they have a soccer field up there!!!! yeah talk about sweet priorities... just need convince them god is more important...

 Sunday was crazy, we woke up, and I asked my companion, whats up with the boy we're supposed to baptize and he was like... Oh crap.  We have a baptism so we took a taxi to get baptismal clothes
call the bishop to fill the pila and then ran over, got everything set up right before church started. When I took the sacrament I was still wet. Another intersting thing, dogs seem to be allowed her in church.

Well,I love this work.  This week was hard for missionary work. Anyways... spanish is coming, Love the scriptures and they have supported me.  Now I'm out of time again.  Gotta go teach a lesson.  Love ya'll and take care of what you're doing!

Elder Johnson

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