Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Skype

This week's email was even shorter than most!  I'll just attribute that to our having just talked to him the day before.  I've included two video clips from our conversation with him on Mother's Day!  Enjoy!

From Sean 5-12-14

Well, so life in the mission continues.

I have discovered that our new district has alot of personality. Other than that I haven't been pondering very well and this week, work was a bit tough because I've been super sick in a way that doesn't keep me in the bed.  I'm not sure what caused it but I've tried to avoid eating stuff that leaves really fast... haha but well not succeeding.  If anyone has advice I'm very needful of it these days.

Other than that we met a crazy gringo who is from Alabama and living the rich life the problem... he's always drunk. Other than that not alot has happened.

The English class continues and now we have this week of family activities, basically a training on FHE. I'm gonna give bomb FHE when I get home, that's all I got to say..

I know this it the work of the Lord, I'm expecting miracles here, they're gonna come.

Love you all
paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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