Monday, May 5, 2014

5-5-14 Chispa!

Another week has gone by...

My companion and I stayed the same. Nothing has changed here basically we´re the same district. The gringo that was living with us in the other companionship has left me so I'm here with 3 latinos in our apartment and me. There's another elder in our apartment from an indian tribe in Guatemala but it seems like he learned spanish pretty good because he never stops talking, hahaha.

I really feel like me and my companion are babysitting the two young missionaries in our apartment, they both have less than 5 months in the mission. Niether has trained and well... they´re very easily distracted it will be fun haha..

So with this new change I want to change myself to be a better missionary. I have set goals to do this:
1-chispa!!! spark
4-Living in the now haha

I hope these can become part of my life.

Other cool story, we found a half dead boa and well, I just had to pick it up so I did and my companino took a picture I´ll send next week. But hey guys love ya all and have a good week! thanks bye

paz y amor
Elder johnson

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