Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5-26-14 Humility, and we got water, and cellphones!


What is it? Accepting the Lord´s will in place of your own will.

This week was super spiritual mostly because we´re all getting ready to go to the temple and we had conference with the presidente this week. He´s such a boss, like seriously, I have so much admiration for that man.

But anyways, about the humility, that's what I´ve been learning alot about.  I like something that preach my gospel says about humility. "humility is not weakness" many times we think that humility is connected with weakness but it is actually a spiritual strength.

I had an experience with this this week. We had an appointment with a young man but as it would happen this appointment fell through.. this has been happening frequently with this particular investigator and I was a bit frustrated. We left a little disappointed because we had both felt and expected great things, we had a great plan for this particular appointment and thought that the Lord had confirmed it. So for everything to fall was a bummer. Then we left and wouldn´t you know it, two families call us over to teach them. 5 people were waiting for us to just pass by. We didn´t know that and it´s pretty difficult to plan that. What I learned from this experience is that the Lord is in control. When I am humble I accept the changes the Lord makes to my plans. I don´t complain, I just go with it. I want to be humble. Truly humble, one of the first steps to this is giving God his glory. 

Why do I want to be humble?  Because of the promises that God has in store for us. Specifically in  James 4:10. I love it. I know that this is Lord's work and am very happy to be part of it.

Now other news.. We got cellphones! what? what is this? just like the most ancient phones possible, but shoot it´s gonna be such a big help. haha and.... OH! the water came back this week! our month of 5 min showers has come to an end supposedly. Love it. 

haha other than that.... not much has happened. We´re gonna keep working. 

Well love you all and hope you have a good one.
Paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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