Monday, June 9, 2014

6-9-14 / 11 months - English in Tennessee is a different language

 Welp there goes another week in paradise....

So this week was semi normal for us. Monday we just chilled and washed clothes (I got all my clothes clean)

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we worked, and well, had the miracles of finding people who will listen. Right now I´m kinda of excited about one family in particular This is a family called Familia Moneymaker.... Its the wierd situation I was telling you all about before. He´s a gringo who married a Honduran he doesn´t speak Spanish very well and she don´t speak any English. Other interesting fact, he is a member baptized in Tennessee and has sick chinese tatoos all over. haha They´ve been coming to the English class on Saturdays but not coming on Sundays. The lessons are wierd because like I have to translate the Tennessee accent (which I'm convinced is a different language) to Spanish when he wants to say something relevant to the lesson. I mean he´s always talking but lots of times its just random stuff so I just don´t translate that... haha Maybe this is bad because the wife will think that her husband is a bit more spiritual than he is but.. he has a testimony of the Church and I always try to get it out of him and its good to translate.. anyways the thing is that they came to church!!! whhhoooo hooooo! Talk about rejoicing.

She doesn´t want to get baptized but if she comes to church that's a step of faith. All we have to do is invite her to take the steps, make an environment where if she really wants to she can feel the spirit and then God will do the rest. It´s the Desire part that is the hardest with people. If they have that Desire they take a step of faith after we invite them and then next thing they know, they are taking those steps that before seemed huge. It just depends on our agency because God is a constant.

Friday we played basketball with a less active and man... I´m embarassed to say that.. I´ve lost everything.. geez. 9 months without doing something just destroys that ex-skill. haha

Saturday was great, we were in the chapel and my district baptized 4 people and 1 family. It´s so good just to attend baptisms. Really they´re just so.. Whole, Complete. Sano, clean. It´s just amazing to feel and see the peace. It was a crazy day because they wanted separate baptisms and  so that means at 1 and at 4. so at 2 I gave my English class to the people who were at the baptism and then we ate at 3 and had the baptism at 4.

Sunday two investigators came to church! It was great. I gave a talk on answers to prayers. Really ironic right? hahaha I was looking at my life personally and the ways I´ve received most of my answers are through three channels. I haven´t seen angels or had visions (but that would be cool, totally open to experiencing that) but I have been helped by angels or other people sent by God. I´ve recieved an answer by looking at what God has already said (the Scriptures) and from just feelings of peace, comfort. I know that God listens to me. That I matter to him. 


We still don´t have water in our house so we continue buying. Changes are this week,  this Wednesday to be sure. I can leave or I can stay, who knows? I´ll let you guys know where I'm at next Monday.

Love you guys

paz y amor

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