Monday, June 16, 2014

6-16-14 Moved to a new area and a new companion

Wow.... This has been a crazy week. For Real. Love the mission but man one day life will slow down. haha When that happens I´ll probably want it to speed up. Oh well so passes the life. 

So this Monday was a freaking blast!  We went to the caves of Talgua again and it was sweet. We walked from the caves about  2 miles to a little place where they sell corn on the cob and tamales and we ate there. Right across the street there´s like an event center where a member was working construction. Turns out after we go to talk to him, his sister is the owner of the place so we just hung out there until like 4 when the bus came to take us back to the city. The cool thing about this event center is there are three really social pet monkeys. Well, really one was really social and the others a little rude but we got to pick them up and they like gave us hugs and handshakes. My companion really wanted a photo with the social one but everytime he tried the monkey mooned the camera.. hahaha... he has some pretty nice pictures of monkey butt... haha

Tuesday We had a super spiritual experience with a man named Javier. He´s a less active member but he has the priesthood and soooo much potential. We talked about his life. Really all we did was ask questions and he just knew the answers already to everything. Lets just say he doesn´t have an easy life. But he realized and recognized the difference that the gospel made in his life when he was living it. ha When we left he said that he wanted to help the branch in Catacamas become a ward.

Wednesday... I went to Tegucigalpa because I was being transferred. 3 in the morning we got up to catch the bus with all the baggage, get to Tegucigalpa at like 9ish... 
I´ve now been assigned the opposite side of the mission to a smaller pueblito than Catacams called  ¨Jesus de Otoro¨ there´s about 1000 inhabitants maybe, 1500. So the majority of this branch is made of people from nearby villages. Names like la maye, and masaguara, ticoltela ismael cruz and so on.. the population of the valley is valled de jesus de otoro. in the valley there´s like 5000 to 6000 people. Its a new start and I feel very lost haha. They say it's the only place in the mission hotter than Catacamas but so far it isn´t that hot... eh different season so I can´t talk. Its about 3 hours instead of 4 hours but there is only one half paved road in the whole village.. that's good except the rainy season is coming.. aha. Another good thing about this area is it is one of the safest in the mission. haha fun right? I´m excited to be here.

My new companion is from Guatemala. His name is Elder Torres and he has about 3 months in the mission. Super excited and my guide. Really, I totally depend on him here in Otoro. He´s a great missionary I'm looking forward to working and learning with and from him.

Other than that,  the new district Is Hna. Cruz, and Hna Nielson.... and that's it. We are an hour away from all other missionaries.. haha fun! Sister Cruz is from Mexico and very mexican, and Sister Nielson is from right there! Nibley Utah! They are my district. 

Well.... That´s it for this week. a new chapter in the mission started. Looking forward to see what the Lord has in store and the Lord will use me.

Love you all so much, miss ya just a little. Don´t worry, everything is great!

Paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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