Monday, June 23, 2014

6-23-14 I've been kissed


This week is freaking crazy. 

First off this monday was not a pday we just wrote and bought food. Why because this week is crazy

Tuesday I sinned by glancing very frequently at a world cup game while eating lunch in a cafeteria and stuff. Mexico against Brazil..... We didn't finish the match because we finished lunch and left, but man that mexican goalie made a monster save. They tell me that they later tied. Kinda hard to teach these days cause everyone is focused on the WORLD CUP: Especially since Honduras is in it. (even though it looks like they´ll be eliminated.)

Wednsday I was kissed.... man I´m so unholy. It was a little autistic girl. Not on the lips or anything just on the cheek because I was just ignoring her.... Not because I'm a jerk but because an investigator was there and we were teaching them in the house there.... And well there´s two twins who have autism about like 6 years old, and I ignored her and boom she kissed me... I just kinda ignored it and pushed her away..... not mean, very gently and she just laughed. She can't talk with words, but I think sometimes I underestimate those two.... haha geez.

Thursday We went to the coldest and highest place in Honduras call the Esperanza. It was PDAY and we played soccer and then had interchanges with the zone leaders.

Team Nicole
The next morning after being beat tired we woke up at 3 to take the 4 hour bus ride to the temple to be instucted by Elder Ochoa of the 2nd quorum of seventy.  He told us that we have to remember not to try to take two things away from ourselves or investigators, First Agency and Second Opposition. Because not even God takes those things away.
On the way home we ate WENDYS, what like 10 months without a burger, and almost was destroyed by it.

Friday and Saturday sat flew by and we staggered along.

Sunday a monster storm came by and flooded our house.  A sister in my district is sick so we're making her soup or something to give her and we bought a Hershey's as well (because my sister says it cures everything).

Road construction in Honduras
That's the mission,  that's my life. And I LOVE IT. Can´t wait for tomorrow.
Paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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