Monday, June 30, 2014

6-30-14 The Plan of Happiness


Synonyms in my mind. When God made a plan in the premortal life. How was it called? The Book of Mormon calls it the plan of redemption, the plan of salvation, the infinite plan, the plan of happiness. I like to think of it in terms of happiness. Why? Because I think it´s something that every single person is in search of. Human Nature. One of the basic human motivations, that I can think of in my philosyphing moments, is Happiness. What motivates people to eat? to run? to do drugs? to drink excessivley? to have unions outside of marriages? to Work? To have nice things? To go to church or be religious? Everyone is searching happiness, some people find shadows of happiness or temporary happiness in material things, others find great happiness in their families. But those happinesses are not complete without this Gospel. Why not?

How would you feel if you worked everyday on a piece of art, in the end you create something extremly beautiful, but this art could not display itself. You need a stand to put it on or a nail to hang it on the wall. The point is that this Art cannot be completed without something more. Our life is to find this happiness. We can be instructed our whole lives in how other people have found happiness and we can live beautifully. But this life is not complete without the atonement of Jesus Christ. He payed where we couldn´t and suffered where No other person could. He did it for us, So that we could create this Beautiful Life, and Complete it. 

A Complete happiness is what this gospel promises, In the Book of Mormon like 4 or 5 different prophets refer to a promise given to Lehi -if we keep the commandments, we will prosper in the land and have eternal life.-Alma 9:13, Jarom 1:9, Mosiah 1:7, 2 Nephi 1:20 and others.  There´s the secret formula to a happy life. The promise that the apostles and Pres. Monson have tested and been blessed by. It´s simple, which in itself is evidence, it´s part of God´s plan. How cool is that?...

Anyways.... um. This week we continue in the world cup. Basically that means we just teach people who don´t have electricity.... haha  It´s great. We recently challenged a couple to get married and baptized, the problem is that he is from El Salvador sooo we don´t know what to do or how to do it. New Adventure here we come. Other than that I´m really tired 

This area is kicking my butt. It´s a town where everyone knows everybody and extremley hard to find people the missionaries haven´t already talked to. It has extreme weather changes with monster rain strorms and flooding and cold one day and baking heat with humidity the next day. A very large area, and in Honduras it´s banned to have bikes.... 

Funny conversation with my companion. How many continents are there? All latinos say 6 because they think that North America and South America are one continent... but that turned into how Americans are racist... and how we steal the name America and claim it our own. Blah blah bla 

Than I said the word Gringo is racist.
He said no its not! 
I said, than explain to me, what makes a gringo? (because they don´t call Polynesians from the states, or African Americans Gringo) 
He said, Gringos eat hamburgers.
I said, what about all the Latinos who eat hamburgers?
He paused and then said triumphantly, Immigrants!


Now I always shout Go USA!!! just randomly to bug him.. hahaha super fun

hey speaking of that everyone better support them (the USA team) in the world cup we made it for real!!

He´s a super funny kid and this wasn´t a fight or anything just joking around but it sure is fun... haha and for scripture battle I found a new machete Alma 10 :17 and 18 

Love the mish! Hope everyone is super good, Remember Be happy! everything is gonna be ok.
Paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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