Tuesday, July 8, 2014

7-7-14 Sometimes the Lord works through awkward situations

Entonces aqui estamos.
This week was super crazy because in my district of 4 half of us were sick. Las Hermanas (the sisters), but they powered through, and with quite a bit of help from the lord married and baptized a family. It was super cool. And there was a big party with hymns as the music setting and the couple was super happy.
Sean's caption - A tragic Accident.  J/k - it's a toy car.  Ya don't say.

A funny thing, we found a family of like 9 people and the first thing they do is invite us in, after that they offered us coffee.... hahaha they´ve never heard that mormons don't drink coffee, so that just let us jump right in teaching. It was super great.  I recognize that sometimes the lord words in awkward situations, and it´s super fun. haha

Other than that The Work of Salvation continues here, we are putting hometeachers in which we each have 4 different companions, and we are trying to find some priesthood power out there. We continue training our new quorum president and his counselors. Right now in the quorum we have like 9 men, 1 priest and 8 Elders ( here active means goes to church once a month). But there are 20 registered elders so we have to find them, with the terrible directions of Honduras, and activate them. Pray that they aren´t going to another church, and that they haven´t died.... haha kind of ominious but the truth.
I love this place Jesus de Otoro is a super rad pueblo and I´m loving the work. I love being in the mission. Even though I don´t know everything I know this Church is true. I know this is what God wants and requires of me, and am soo grateful for the opprotunity to serve.
the mountains of Barrio Nuevo

That´s it, sorry not much to say but have a good week all. Love ya.
Paz y amor, Elder Johnson

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