Monday, July 28, 2014

7/28/14- We ate armadillo

Welp we had changes.... I´m still in Jesus de Otoro but my companion left me. Elder Torres was a great companion and I got along so good with him. Seems like the companions I get along with the best leaves the fastest... probably just me.

My new companion is from Peru. (Yes 7 latino companions from 7 different country it´s a great streak) He´s 22, Has 4 years as a member, and is the only member of his family. He is very excited and animated to work. Always yelling and laughing and talking and talking with a side of talking. In the 5 days we´ve been together I think he´s only stopped to sleep... haha. But that's a good thing, I´m practicing Spanish on a new level.. haha 

Other cool thing today, this week I ate some great food. Armidillo which they say cozuco, and possum which the call tacuazin. I honestly liked the armidillo a lot better than the possum. The family who fed us are great people. They said they´re going to feed us iguana this week.

The area is super good, the district is even better, Right now we have a fecha with a family who the only thing impeding them to be baptized is a wedding, or in other word, money. Other than that they´re super cool. We have a youth, well I say youth because she´s younger than 25 but she won´t tell us how old she is, but she wants to get baptized. Her challenge is her family. She says they´re catholic and she depends on them still so she doesn´t want to make them mad.

I´ve been studying faith and obedience and the connection lately and my two presidents made some great comments
Faith is strengthened by obedience and exercised by sacrifice.  Other than that I like the scriptures :
 1 nefi 17:3, Alma 3:26-27, 5:41-42, Helam 14:27-31 Our attitude counts as we are obedient.

Well sorry guys I got to go, love ya all!! 
paz y amor

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