Monday, July 14, 2014

Dearest Mother

Sean sent this email to me today.  Talk about making me cry.  My kids love to do that.
Dearest mother,

Thank you so much for being my mom
thank you for being beautiful
Thank you for being Cheerful when i was not
Thank you for disciplining me and correcting my mistakes
Thank you for Always showing that i am important to you
Thank you for loving soccer 
Thank you for loving my 3 sisters and taking care of them
Thank you for driving me to countless practices and concerts, and games.
Thank you for indulging my humor, even if it is very teenager.
Thank you feeding me, I sure miss your cooking
Thank you for Teaching me 
Thank you for helping me with the homework, even when i didn{t want help
Thank you for allowing me to fall by my own decisions,
Thank you for helping to Stand back up.
Thank you for Teaching me the Gospel and Giving me it´s blessings
Thank you for sending me to work where work is needed
Thank you for Loving me even when love was a girly word
Thanks mom for being the best mom ever

It´s not mother´s day or anything but mom i´m sure grateful for you and i hope you know. 

Forever your son. Sean

This is a photo from Senior night for soccer.  I just had to post it!

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