Monday, July 14, 2014

7-14-14 Out one year, My goal is to trust in the Lord more

Dear family and Friends, 

I´m gonna start out talking about this past p-day, it was a blast. We went to the Esperanza to go check out some Waterfalls and natural wading pools, no we did not swim. Then after, we played some good soccer and some frisbee. It was super great and it feels good to sweat.. from excercize (I forgot how to spell it... excersize?)

Here in Otoro everything is pretty calm.  It rained again and our house flooded again but the good thing is while cleaning we found a sheet and decided to make a hammock out of it, so in the end it was definetly a blessing in disguise. The district is super good, everyone has baptized.  One family was baptized that is super strong in the church  right now. We´re all pretty pumped that the Lord is blessing us with baptisms and continue searching for other ways the Lord wants to give us success. Baptizing isn´t the only type of success in the mission.

Other than that I officially have a year in the mission.... that's super weird.  I still feel like I don't know what I´m doing which is probably a bad sign but it always makes it fun. An observation is that my whole life I´ve heard about the mission, countless stories of the mission, countless spiritual experiences taught to me, and countless dreams of leaving for the mission. I thought I had a pretty good idea how a mission would be... I was wrong. haha I feel like the theory of the mission I understood but the practice of it was something very different. It´s alot better and alot worse than I thought. Haha what helps is having a good comp, and ALWAYS doing your part. If something fails it won´t  be God, I've learned that here. One of my goals as a missionary is to not be that thing that fails, Yeah it's gonna happen sometimes but if it´s something that I can´t do anything about, it will do nothing more than help me to improve. After failing there is nothing better to do than keep going. segiur adelante. 
Don´t get me wrong, I don´t feel like a failure but I definitely have room to improve. So I´ll keep going.

I had the rare opprotunity to have interviews on the precise day that I fulfilled a year in the mission. I asked him what advice he has for me. He said, ¨trust in the lord more¨ So that's my main goal for this next year. I´m going to trust in the Lord more, and I expect that very good things are going to happen... Super excited for that :)

Other than that we´re working hard looking for young men who can help build a body of the church here. But it´s super fun. My companion and I decided that if someone shouts, ¨do you want coffee?¨ it means they want to talk to us so we´re going to talk with them, It´s pretty fun.

Well... I´m gonna sign off but thanks all for taking the time to read this, love ya all

Elder Johnson

p.s. If anyone doesn´t want to keep recieving this email let me know and I´ll stop filling your inbox. Thanks guys.

Paz y amor

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