Monday, July 21, 2014

6-21-14- don't procrastinate!

Three words I want nothing to do with after this life. Words of chance, insecurity, and putting things off.

Lots of times I see these words that destroy so many opportunities of so many families. It isn´t very often a solid NO that does that,  and Yes, very few times destroys potential opportunities. Usually it´s an if, or an eeehhh tomorrow, and the word almost is like a sad conclusion.

Anyways returning to the mission. This week I was a bit sick and I´ve lost quite a bit of weight.  It´s a good thing cause I was starting to get fat.  We´ll continue working today so that we never need to say, eh lets work tomorrow.

Love you all, sorry that this email is super lame not a ton is happening these days.  We just keep going and we´ll soon start to recognize the miracles better.

Paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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