Tuesday, August 5, 2014

8-4-14 - Seeing other's through God's eyes

Ello Hello!!!

So this week was well a week haha.

We started the week with a Family home evening with a member that has been teaching a little bit of apostacy... but he asked if we could come by and teach on the importance of the family. This familiy is a bit special for various reasons. He sells a food called mantucas for a living, which is like a tamale but sweet - instead of with salt and meat... so they´re not exactly rich. Also, he has a 17 year old son we call him chungo, this Chungo has a 28 year old North Carolinan girlfriend who is a missionary of another church and lives with this family.... but she totally listened and loved our family home evening. It was great, we used the stick analogy - took a kid and said hey... break this stick... he broke it. I asked "was that hard" "no it was easy" than I gave him like a bundle of like 4 sticks. and said "break it." he responded " I can´t", Why not? "because they are together" this is the Family, satan cannot break us when we´re together. They loved it.

Other than that, this week we put a fecha and worked with this lady from a village even smaller than Jesus de otoro.She is scheduled to get baptized this Saturday. She´s pretty great.

Then Yesterday was a super crazy day. I ruined our cell phone..... yes it´s a problem. But it was completely my fault and yes.... I don't want to talk about it. After that we went to visit some recent converts to find one as drunk as he could be, with like 6 other friendly drunks and they were all like lets pray lets pray... so... what did we do? We prayed. In the start I looked at them the way society seems to look at alcholics or in other words, down on them. But after the prayer... I felt a LOVE. I saw not only these drunks sitting around slobbering in the dirt, swearing and with their machetes. I saw them in a way I think God would see them. Not saying I saw exactly the way God sees us but for me it was a powerful experience. They were in varying degrees of drunk. One passed out and so being the only sober ones there we were like.. um... we just taught this guy we can´t leave him here like this.  I felt sad and concerned for the well being of this kid. I felt like we had to take care of this one kid specifically. So I asked the other sober person, the wife of this family. "where does he live?"  She answered "down the street with his mother. So we picked him up and half dragged him, half carried him to his house where we found a mother who was heart broken.... We have another appointment with this lady tonight... I feel a miracle coming on.

Other than that we continue working, I love this work! Que Grandioso es su llamamiento. Other big news, we put Home teachers and well.... some of them did it!!! 

This is the Lords work and he is with us. I am happy. Hope you are all good. Let me know how you´re doing.

Paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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