Monday, August 25, 2014

8-25-14 Five tips of survival

5 tips for surviving Mission Comayaguela

1) Always be prepared
On Sunday we baptized a little girl who is the last member of her family to get baptized, she turned 9 that same day... That same Sunday Pres. Fortuna (the president of the mission and This branch pertains to the mission still so... it´s a big deal) gave a talk, I had a talk prepared in case someone didn´t come, I worked the music, and directed. Later we were in part teaching Sunday School when he sent us to teach the primary, from there we went to teach priesthood and give home teaching interviews. In the end we left our suit in the church so we could go to the pueblo called Coklan, (I thought it was Cokeland... ) and taught a little group out there and blessed the sacrament. From there we walked back to the main village, stopping to teach on the way. We gave a blessing and got to the branch president´s house at  7:30 to eat dinner and go home dead. ..... Always be prepared.

in Coklan

2) Carry a flashlight
On our way from Coklan it got very dark. (They don´t have electricity) Also it is a jungle territory, at about 6 we couldn´t see. Luckily I was carrying a flashlight I had bought in my last area. We found a Boa on the way home, thanks to the flashlight. :)

Community service at the garden.

3)Eat wisely
This week I had the privilege to eat... Skunk. Yup. A whole new level of ... questionable. haha I would like to avoid the experience in the future.
No, this is not skunk.  Nancies, Guava and Gineo (like a banana).
4)Learn to recognize if a person is drunk, half drunk, or in the process of becoming drunk. 
Do not give them money.

5)Do not be afraid, and always try to do new things. (technically 2 tips right?)
Go forward with faith! Everything will be alright if you´re obedient. Don´t stress, be happy! 
Service cleaning the store.


Other than these 5 amazing tips, this week I had interchanges with an Elder from the Dominican Republic. He reinstalled my desire to go and travel the Domincan Republic. So gotta go there, sounds like a party and a half.

This week we were extremely blessed and have found 5 people who have accepted to enter the waters of baptism, with a specific baptismal date. They just need to keep doing their part and everything will be fine. 

There is so much evidence for me that really this church is sooo true, complete and whole. I hate that satan has made religion a competition. It shouldn´t be like this. Political parties that try to grab the biggest group. Oh well. We just try to give them a chance to feel the Holy Ghost so that he can teach them. Something now or soon will soften them and if not they´ll be humbled in the next life.

Well, I got to go, hope you got a smile. If not.... smile! :)
Paz y amor, Elder Johnson 

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