Monday, August 11, 2014

8-11-14 - Teaching the gypsies

Sooooo.... This week was mas o menos. Mas menos.

This flower is actually a fruit that you eat

Anyways, we started out super good.  We challenged this family to marry each other and get baptized they were like... ya. Duh thats what we want. The bad thing is they can´t come to church because they leave every weekend to their village. They don´t live here, they just work. Then they go to the house in the village and have a farm that they maintain on the weekends... So bummer there. Not sure what to do, we are still thinking on the next step.
Zone Esparanza

After that, the next significant thing on my mind is.... well..... we taught some christain gypsies... the bad thing is they don´t want to quit the drugs.... that we found in their house.. hahha that was good. It´s a pair of legit Gypsies that know the language and are never in one place long but like our church. But they´re a bit confused about it. Apparently they read a book talking about Joseph Smith and how he worked through the Elements.... Idk Some pretty interesting teaching happens.
The District

After that, I just want to declare..... CLUBS WILL NOT SAVE US!!! CHARITIES, AND ORGINZATIONS CANT DO IT EITHER. We need covenants and ordinances the same way we need liscenses to drive. Why do I say that? Because a long time good friend investigator refuses to listen to us now because he belongs to an orginazation called the fraternity of Christian business men, where they declare it isn´t a religion but that they need to unite all religions in one orginazation to do good. Great idea, the bad is that you have to confess in front of everyone and "repent" by what seems like popular vote... It was an emotional night when he told us to get out and take all 5 books from his house.... I was honestly heart broken to see satan´s cunning ways harden the heart of a good man.


in other words, Armadillo
After that our district is trying to clean up the computer mess here. As in people who are baptized and not registered. It´s a problem. And a lot of work.

To finish up we went to Cokelan, a jungle village, and it was really fun when a mini typhoon storm came and attacked us.
Welcome to the Jungle

Also, I´m so grateful to my aunt Cynthia and uncle Jeremy.... 

I wanted to talk a bit about faith but... time is gone so I´ll just say. 2 nefi 25:23 and after alma 32:21.
We got to work even if we don´t know exactly what we´re doing or how to do it the best.
A "Sick" picture

Love you all, paz y amor.

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