Monday, August 18, 2014

8-18-14 - One hour miracle

Yup, so this week was full of ups and downs but really the downs aren´t really so low because most of the things just fixed themselves.

So with that I´ll start off with the low of Tuesday and we´ll just work back up. Sound Good? Great!!!

So on Tuesday things took a nose dive, first because absolutley nobody wanted to talk to us, not even the drunks! They all hid from us. I´m talking like, all of them. We had one appointmen that was set and it was with a young girl. She is a young woman who studies in the school here because in her village there is no school. Instead of going back and forth in the hour drive, she stays here in the house of a member and pays rent. This is a common method of studying and living here. Something special about her is that she had accepted to be baptized the last lesson.

 At the end of the day I was so sick of walking and chasing people that I was really excited to be able to sit down and teach. We get to the house of the member to find him moving large boxes full of.... stuff. The house was empty. I put two and two together and figured it meant he was moving out.... (Yes, thank you, I have my bright moments.) So we offered to help, somewhere in the conversation we asked about Marina and he said, " What? she told me that she told you guys where she was moving to." It was a bad moment. All he knew was she lived somewhere by "the market." ... Yeah so there went the chosen and prepared of the Lord. We went home, a bit discouraged that night.

The next day, sometime in the morning, my companion and I decided we would ask the Lord for a miracle. That we would dedicate 1 hour to finding Marina and if our faith was sufficient, we would find her. So that´s what we did. We kneeled down and prayed at 10:00 in the morning and asked the Lord to lead us to find Marina at 1:00 after lunch. We visited some less actives and then went to lunch in the "market" 

The Market is a giant concrete building that people come from villages to sell stuff. We have an investigator who gives us a discount in her resturaunt in the center of the market. It is in the Heart of Jesus de otoro and there are many many houses and little stores that people made out of a house and such.

We started searching at 12:45 and just walked hoping to see her in a group of students or hanging out at the soccer field.. at 1:00 we found a secluded place under the bleachers and prayed again. I got the feeling to walk. So we walked and turned down one street. I was thinking of what we knew. 1) She lived by the market. 2) she was renting from someone named Amanda. 3) Money was limited so it wouldn´t be an extremely nice house or anything. We turned a street and passed a little blue house that looked like it sold little drinks. I stopped in midstep and said " Hey I have an idea, lets ask all the pulperias around here if they know an Amanda!" 

To explain a Pulperia, it is like a store that people put on there houses, very low budget and small but all over the place and therefore very convinient. There's about 2 pulperias in every block. So we went to this blue house and what would you know, the man did know Amanda and he knew Marina and said she had moved right in front in the cauteria. That´s where we went. It was 1:07 when we found her. I think it was late because of my doubt. One of the greatest miracles I've ever had.


Other than that we had Zone conference, President Fortuna talked about faith and fearing no man using the scriptures Psalms 56:4, and 3 Nephi 5:13.

As a result of this conference I have a new goal... I want to be a gamechanger. I want to make the impact that God makes when he has good tools. So thats what I´m trying to be, an instrument of God. I have to take out the fear and just do what God directs, leads, and knows I know I should.

Just that, Paz y amor
Have a good week.

Elder Johnson

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