Monday, April 28, 2014

4-28-14 preparing fried chicken the Hounduran way, from the beginning

Yesterday it was 110 degrees.... just got to throw that out there. We also haven't had water in our house for like 3 weeks. They turn on the water for just enough time to shower or 5 min for me and 5 min for my comp or that's how much water they are allowing to fill our tank of water... its really great. haha

Other than that we seemed to lend alot of service this week. First we killed 30 chickens, like cutting of the head and de-feathering and then we ate 1 of them... fried.My companion was really squeamish and almost fainted. That was fun but I'll just say it was the best kind of service :) Then we went to chop wood which I'm getting pretty good at if I do say so myself haha. seeing as we do it every week. My hands are finally hard enough that I don't get blisters every time. Accomplishment!

Other than that this Wednesday is the changes meeting.  We don't know if I'm staying and we won't know until tomorrow... kinda a bummer. I'm not giving up. If I stay I'll be good with it...but oh well. We'll see.

Let's see right now we continue teaching a half gringo family   But it's sad because they won't come to church! ha I'm out of ideas.  When we pass by to help them in any way, they don't answer the door or the phone on Sundays. It's a little discouraging but there we go.

I really enjoyed nefi 20 this week, like it talks about the importance of baptism and taking the name of Christ in the beginning.  Then I really enjoyed how the Lord talks directly in 15- 19 about what he expects, why he expects it and the promises if we do it. "Righteous as the waves" That's what I want right now, to be constant.

I'm Keeping my eye out for miracles, I'll see them soon...

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