Monday, April 7, 2014

4-7-14 Conference Miracle

So this week we watched... haha kind of.... conference. The thing is that the devil seems to be working really hard around here. All the technology basically failed in our building. Haha, so like for example, Saturday session we went and then the satelite failed and everyone was listening in different launguages so we set up the land line for the internet in time for like the prayer. Then it was like skipping part and everything then we went to another room and set it up in English. Honestly, it was very broken and I didn´t understand alot of part and I know I probably missed a ton, but man, nothing I can do about it, so it´s ok gotta keep going. That's what I thought to myself.

On sunday we saw a miracle. The story is that we came early to try and help our district president to set up everything. They had played around with the satelite and were getting the spoken word and all that and it seemed like it was in Spanish. Everything was good, then the  session started and everyone was like this is Portuguese but like I was talking to the missionaries and like we all understood it. I know this sounds nuts, but we as missionaries understood the Portuguese, maybe not perfectly but we started telling the people that were there what they were saying. Or what we understood they were saying. While the district pres. set up the land line and just hooked up to the internet radio. That's when we stopped. They shut off the portuguese audio, turned on the internet radio and and it was in spanish.

The video from the satelite was a little smoother than the internet radio so after that it was kinda broken apart but man, that was freaking cool. I didn´t understand everything but that I could get the general idea. I´m convinced it was nothing short of a miracle.
After it got choppy we went to a different room and finished out in English.. but good experience.
haha well got to go, love ya all I'm ok and healthy.
 paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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