Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4-21-14 Happy Easter!


How did everyone's Easter go? I hope good.


So this week was the real holy week, and well it was not the best. The biggest reason is that everyone was going to swim in the river so nobody wanted to listen to us so we tried to throw an activity, a movie night, and well us missionaries had alot of fun but ... not even 20 members came,  let alone the investigators,so kind of dissappointed there.

Other than that its so hot here, we started taking our beds out to the garage to sleep because it's all outside and in the night the concrete buildings cool down fast, so I also slept in the hammock that we have there. But hey its cool. We have a bit of extra time in this area because we have to enter our apartment an hour early so I'm experimenting with cooking and we've started to play uno.... good times.
Me and My District
Other than that,  we found this really cool family. We found a North American (gringo) and his Honduran wife and they are our most positive.  Really we just got to find people.
Loving Jacob, that is in the Book of Mormon. Shoot, who doesn't love that guy.  I'm gonna sign off here.

Love you guys, 
paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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