Monday, September 22, 2014

9-22-14 - Hitchhikers and snakes

Another week gone by super crazy. I traveled a total of 14 hours for conferences and meetings and trainings and interchanges and I was in my area for only one complete day..... But we still have a baptism this Saturday so.... sick!!!!

Anyway. It started on Monday. I went to a place called La Esperanza one hour away, then came back. The purpose was to leave my companion there and bring the other district leader to Otoro so the next day we could take the bus to Tegucigalpa and get there a little faster 4 hours instead of 5. The cool part is that there weren't any buses after 5:00pm that go to Otoro so we had to look at all of our options... Stay in La Esperanza or.... wait for a miracle... We waited for the miracle and started hitchhiking.... Yup... It was legit. We prayed that God would send us someone who could help us and needed our help. After having our thumbs out for quite a while and nobody even slowing down, we decided that maybe God wanted us to stay in the Esperanza, but we chose to give it one more try. The car..(not Truck) slowed down, it was a man older than 18, and with no female passengers.... Bingo. 
We got in as fast as we could with the car rolling forward still and got a free ride to Otoro. haha Turned out the is a King Limhi case. Or in other words he believes in God, he just doesn't know anything about him. But he didn't even hesitate, he just went straight to the deep questions.... and my older and more mature companion changed mode instantly to be able to give Johnny the deep answers that he was searching for... it was awesome and definitely an experience I'll never forget. It was also a free ride, so I'm just calling it a bonus miracle there.

Tuesday we had that meeting of district leaders in Tegucigalpa and returned to Otoro. and worked for like 2 hours.

Wednesday we went to La Esperanza to drop off the other district leader and bring home my companion.
Thursday we had a surprise baptismal interview so we took off again to Esperanza where I stayed on interchanges when my companion went back to Otoro.

Friday we came back to have the district meeting and work.

Saturday we worked and found a kid named Eduard who is basically an investigator of GOLD. We challenged him to baptism in the first lesson and he accepted. Super cool, he's 19, and his whole family are less active members. He went to seminary, he just was never baptized but now... he wants to. Thanks to some good missionary who planted a good seed.

Sunday was a day full of interviews and giving callings. No one will go in this branch without a calling. And found another chosen one of God. He's an alcoholic so we're gonna be working with him a bit closer. 

Today I just want to play soooooo that's what we're going to do. It's cool when you have full access to everything. You don't even have to plan to try to get keys and stuff. I gotta keep focused on the benefits, and blessings. Those are what keep us motivated and Chispa! 

Question: in the mission what's the difference between faith and craziness? mmmm?

Tip for the mission: If you see a dead snake in the road that isn't too messy, pick it up and take a photo, your future kids will love it.

paz y amor
Elder Johnson.  

This is where I live:) HONDURAS!


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